The Full Moon Festival at De Mantra.


Purnama, or full moon, is a very special day in Bali when the gods descend upon the island to spread goodwill. During the full moon, ceremonies by using colorful offerings are held in  almost every  temple around Bali. Prayers, music and celebration take place. this kind of ceremonies is universal, that is why everyone including foreigners are allowed to join.

In recent years, attending a full moon ceremony became common among tour companies in Bali. Many people are interested in joining this ceremony because of its benefits. There are several benefits of this ritual such as for increasing self beauty, for purification, for reaching self peacefulness.

That is why, we offer you a holy full moon ritual at De-Mantra which will be held every full moon, Starting at 06.00 pm – 08:00 pm

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Schedule Full Mon Fesrtival 2020

10 January 2020
8 February 2020
9 March 2020
7 April 2020
7 May 2020
5 June 2020
5 July 2020
3 August 2020
2 September 2020
1 October 2020
30 November 2020
29 December 2020
– Start with Puja Bakti
– Kama Jaya Kama Ratih Meditation.
– Performing joged dance together.
– Having Dira rice for dinner which is a holy food from the full moon offering.


Love Offering: IDR 300,000 Or USD 30

– Participants are advised to use traditional Balinese clothing.
– Free shuttle to the Ubud area.
– Place reservations and payments made one day before the event.

Please Come To Full Moon Dinner Party in De Mantra.

Nasi Dira , Holy Food From Bali in Full Moon Ceremony.

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De Mantra
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